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Plagiarism detection with Ouriginal

Teachers: standalone use

There are two ways to use Urkund / Ouriginal standalone: with the Web inbox and by email.

Go immediately to the Web Inbox

Web inbox


  • When you access the Web inbox you can view submitted documents and plagiarism reports, and upload new documents.
  • You can view the report by clicking the percentage.

An overview of all the buttons in the Web inbox can be found here:

Web Inbox Quick Reference Sheet


You can communicate your Receiver address to students. The default UU Receiver address consists of your initials and surname, followed by .uu@analysis.urkund.com. You can also find this address in the top-left corner when logged into the Web inbox.

For example: j.j.janssen.uu@analysis.urkund.com

When they send an email to this address with their document attached, the document will be scanned by Urkund. The report will be sent to your university email address, and can also be viewed in the Web inbox.